Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Provides Tips on How to Pack and Travel

What to pack when traveling by LHVC

Tips on pack and travel by Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club

When residents travel to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, they have much to look forward to. All the properties hosts many amenities that are sure to keep owners happy, safe, and entertained. Some of these features include a large tropical pool with plenty of room to lay out, professional tennis courts, a juice and snack bar, a gated community, and state of the art health care facilities. Condominiums that include terraces and balconies to properly see the breathtaking views right from your home. These condos are available in both two and three bedroom layouts for your convenience.

Before getting to this tropical getaway, residents must first know how to efficiently pack their belongings. Here are some tips on what to bring, what not to bring, and how to bring it. Some of the essentials that are needed during travel include a passport, travelers insurance, a form of identification (preferably a driver’s license), and a visa. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring plenty of clothes and money for your travels. It is important to pack both cash and a debit or credit card.

Although you want to make sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, and an umbrella, don’t bring more than one of each. Don’t over pack; most airplanes have a weight limit per suitcase. One important tip while travelling to a foreign country is to keep all wallets, purses, and money in front of your body at all times and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Most importantly, remember to have fun while travelling and have a great time at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reveals Fake Gem Scam

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club helps you avoid fake gem scams.

Beware of Fake Gem Scams

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club takes customer service and satisfaction as a top priority when it comes to anyone visiting the resort on their vacation. For many people out there who are planning a trip this fall, they are at times concerned that their loved ones will be safe on any trip planned, especially when spending time in a place they have never been before. That’s why the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam avoidance squad warns against the top scams that have been happening recently.

For most people going on a vacation, souvenirs are often one of the best memories to bring home. Even though a cute bracelet or necklace is a great thing to bring back home, this area is unfortunately one where scammers seem to take over.  One popular trick in several foreign countries involves a taxi driver who is in cahoots with a local shop. The driver will be able to tell you are a tourist, and will right away show you one of the best places to shop. When arriving at this jewelry shop, the dealer inside will reveal some amazing discounts on real rubies, diamonds, emeralds and more.

Although this may seem like the opportunity to get a great deal on some authentic precious metals, be wary of any scam deal that seems too good to be true. Although the seller may be pretty convincing, chances are you will not be bringing home much more than a worthless rock. The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam avoidance squad knows this, and advises everyone to shop for souvenirs for care while on vacation.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Cautions Against a Beach Massage Scam

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam prevention team alerts you about the beach scams.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam prevention team alerts you about the beach scams.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scams prevention team knows a beach vacation is a great way to get away and relax. People love the thought of laying out in the sun as they hear the crashing waves of the surf. If a person is not careful, they could be the victim of a common beach scam that they thought would have been a nice way to relax.

A person sitting on the beach will be confronted by two good looking men or women. They will offer the beachgoer a massage. The price they will charge is very good and it sounds like another great way to enjoy you vacation. You will agree and you will turn lie down so they can give you the massage. When the massage is over, they will demand their fee. You will offer them the price that you thought was agreed upon. They will inform you that the price was for one of them. Since two people gave the massage, you have to pay each of them that price.

You could argue, but it is usually not worth it. Most people pay the money and end up losing the ability to relax on the beach because they feel that they have been cheated. The best way to avoid any problems is to make sure you get all of the terms and the prices clearly up front. Ask about any tip that is required or any other money that you think may be collected. If you are comfortable with what they say, lay back and enjoy your day at the beach and avoid any issues thanks to these tips courtesy of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scams prevention team.

Beware of What You Look At With This Scam

Keep your belongings safe when you travel.

Keep your belongings safe when you travel.

Imagine being on a vacation and seeing an older woman fall. When you stop to help her, your belongings are taken, you turn around only to realize that your belongings have been taken.

If this has happened to you, chances are, the old lady was part of this popular travel scam called “Caught You Looking”. The Lifestyle Holidays vacation Club Scam Prevention Team warns that there are many other variations to this travel scam. In one version, an upset younger looking female tosses what seems to be a baby at you. While you drop everything to catch the baby, which turns out to be a doll, you then look to find your bags have been stolen.

In another case, you approach a vendor that is selling unique items that catch your interest. You decide to stop in and look around, something makes you want to reach out for it and inspect it closer, so you drop your bags, grab the merchandise, and when you go to pick up your bags, they are gone

These tactics are just a few of the tools that criminals may would use in their arsenal for stealing your belongings. Another name for this would be the Snatch and Grab and it is more common than people think.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Prevention Team says that the secret to avoiding such a scam is being aware of your surroundings. Never carry more than you truly need and leave the rest where you are staying. If you have to put your belongings down when you are out, place your bags between your feet, and you will stand a better chance of feeling the bags being moved, and you can react to it quicker.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Cautions Single Travelers of Scams

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam prevention team knows that any vacationer’s goal is to have a good time. If you are a single male and are approached by some pretty women who invite you out for a drink, you might think that you are very lucky. Surely this couldn’t be anything troubling, right?

The truth is, these female scam artists know that en want to believe they are interested in them. The men are often very happy that a good looking woman is flirting with them, and also feel elated when they are invited to a local watering hole.

What happens next is where the trouble starts The woman will probably have a few friends with her, and you will all get to enjoy several rounds of drinks. When you are not paying attention, the locals will then simply vanish. You will be sitting at the bar by yourself staring at a large bill for all of the drinks they drank. The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Prevention Team knows that the victim of these scam will also be hesitant to share what happened to them. But it’s important not to be embarrassed, and to report this situation to the authorities as soon as possible.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to be careful and to keep your guard up around others you have just met. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Prevention Team understands that as long as you stay aware, hopefully you can catch the potential trouble.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Cautions Travelers about Incorrect Change Scam

When you are on vacation in a foreign country, the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam watch team knows that it can be very exciting. There are many things that you want to do and see and the last thing on your mind is the thought that someone will try to take advantage of you while you are having the time of your life. However, there are people out there who may try to trick you. One way that they do this is through the incorrect change scam, and the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam watch team wants you to be prepared against it.

This scheme may occur when you buys something in a foreign country with the local currency. If you are not familiar enough with the currency, you may get cheated out of some money. What will happen is you will pay the required price, but instead of giving your change in the correct notes or coins, they will give you money that looks similar but has a smaller value. If you do not know the difference between the larger and smaller currency, you could lose quite a bit of money.

Make sure that when you are shopping in a foreign country, you always get the correct change back. Have a reference for what money should look like and make sure that you get the right coins or notes so that you do not find out later that you have been scammed.

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Mentions Scams to Avoid when Using Public Transportation

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scams Reduction Team mentions scams to avoid while on public transportation.  LHVC mentions this scam is really bad and shows no morals of the person or persons as the woman or man asks you for this uses a child.  The Scams Reduction Team share that the scam ask if you don’t mind having the baby sit next to you.  Soon after this you realize that the person is fidgeting with the baby quite often.   Be warned this is where she is taking your valuables and or looking through your personal stuff.  You will want to either move as soon as she starts adjusting the baby or catch her red handed and confront her.  This is a common scam so be aware.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Reduction Team says the best thing for you to do is though is to just say no, no matter how cute the baby is it is not worth the risk of you being robbed or worse yet having your identity stolen from you.  Or the option would be is to just get up and give them your seat and move away.

If you feel uncomfortable and it is already past the point of saying no then immediately move your purse, bag or belongings to the side of the window or your other side.  You should keep a watch on your items at all times though no matter what.  This will ensure that the person does not get them nor does anyone else besides you.  Then you should try to remember any distinguishing information about the person and report them to the local scam team or authority in the area.

LHVC shares this information to help you be aware of scams that may be common when on vacation.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Reduction Team wants you to enjoy a restful vacation enjoying your destination of choice with fun and relaxation and hassle free.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scam Prevention Team Warns of Common Vacation Scams

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scams Prevention Group knows that when you get a telephone call in the middle of the night saying that a relative of yours is stranded and they need money while on a trip, be careful. You could turn out to be a victim of an incredibly well-known scam. The scammer contacts individuals and pretends to be a relative. They will say that they are on vacation and that they have lost all of their money somehow. They will ask you to wire them some cash so that they are able to get back home. Because it really is a relative, many of us are prepared to wire the cash. It can be not till much later that they learn that the person  was not the relative they believed them to be.
You will find many essential elements that make this scam work. For instance, scammers do use the name of a relative that may be on trip.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scams Prevention Team understands that they will get this information by way of the world wide web. They are also cautious about what time they contact an individual to make an effort to get their money. By calling late at night, an individual might not be thinking clearly and might have difficulty recognizing the voice on the other end of the telephone. The scammer may also use excuses such as a poor cellular phone connection to clarify why they sound different. They will say that they are using somebody else’s telephone so they won’t be around the telephone any longer and that it is essential to get your money.
The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scams Prevention Team scams prevention group states that, despite the fact that you might not want to, the very best solution to steer clear of becoming a victim is always to say no. Inform the relative you might call them back and see what you can do then. Do not agree to send any money right away. You are going, you will probability lose it.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scams Prevention Squad Warns of Scams in Southeast Asia

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scams Prevention Squad  knows that there are lots of individuals who will be traveling to Southeast Asia this year. The area is highlighted in many great websites for vacationers to figure out  a extremely well-liked travel place as well as what to see and do while they are on their trips. The large amount of vacationers going to this area has also opened up numerous possibilities for scam artists to make the most of unsuspecting travelers. There are lots of various techniques that people might be cheat them out of their cash while they are traveling in this region of the world.

The most common techniques for scams to occur is by passing by people begging on the street. Beggars can convince individuals in many different ways. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scams Prevention Squad understands that vacationers frequently really feel sorry for individuals who are much less fortunate and give them money. As revealed by the scam prevention group, you will find some beggars who are not as poor as they might seem.

1. Locals will frequently use children to finish their begging. They’ll dress them in old, dirty and worn garments and place dirt and grime on their face to attain the proper apperance. Vacationers see these unfortunate kids and give them money. That cash goes straight to their parents or some other adult who keeps the money.
2. Beggars will dress as monks or other religious people. Vacationers will probably be far more apt to give money to somebody who is dressed up as a monk. They believe monks are poor individuals who only try to assist other people. Obviously, these scammers are not genuine monks and they do not really need the money.
3. Students in disguise. Students usually need money, and they are in the right position to gather it.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Scams Prevention Squad recommends that whenever you are traveling in Southeast Asia, be conscious that people are not always what they seem, and they might not actually need the money they are begging for.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Gives Tips To Victims Of A Travel Scam

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is aware that scam artists will know where they can go to find their next victim. One of the most popular targets of the scam artist is the traveler. When people travel, they often carry more money and are more apt to use their credit cards than they do when they are home. They also tend to carry more valuables with them as they travel. When you combine that with the fact that people who travel are in unfamiliar locales, it should be easy to see why they have a target on their back.

While a traveler needs to be on the alert for scams at all times, there are some places where they need to be more aware about the potential dangers.

  • At airports and train stations – In these places, a traveler will have their bags and all of their things with them. They are also easily distracted. This is a perfect combination to be ripped off. The scammers will look for ways to trick people out of money or will just try to take their luggage when the traveler is not looking.
  • At hotels – Problems at the hotels include pickpockets and people who will steal their luggage. Another common problem at hotels is with the Wi-Fi hotspots that hotels offer. There are hackers around that will try to access other people’s computers that go on these networks.
  • In Taxis – Taxi drivers can cheat their customers in many ways including overcharging, taking people to the wrong destination and by taking their luggage.

These are three of the most common places where a traveler can be scammed. If they are more aware when they are in these locations, they are less likely to become the victim of a scam while enjoying a vacation with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.